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Leadership Wichita Falls Mane Event “Centurion” horse unveiling

Wichita Falls, TX – Leadership Wichita Falls Mane Event invites you to the unveiling of the latest painted horse. Join us Tuesday, January 11th at 5pm at Corlett Probst & Boyd located at 4605 Old Jacksboro Highway.

Corlett, Probst and Boyd is a consulting firm specializing in civil engineering and land surveying services. The firm was founded in 1922 by Ross H. Corlett, Sr. and has operated continuously in Wichita Falls since its inception.

The inspiration for the horse

“In honor of our centennial anniversary, we chose to honor Leadership Wichita Falls and the Wichita Falls art community with “Centurion” in hopes of bringing attention to the need for STEM education in our area,” said Partner and Project Engineer Devin Smith.

 From the artist, Sandy Hay

“Centurion” was painted by artist Sandy Hay.  She said, “I am truly honored that I was asked to paint this majestic horse and humbled to join the many talented artists that have painted horses for our city through Leadership Wichita Falls Mane Event.”

The Mane Event is a Leadership Wichita Falls fundraiser which began in 2007. It was continued in 2017 and titled “Mane Event: Back in the Saddle”.  Each horse is purchased by a business (or person) and the artist is chosen by the owner(s) of the horse. The artist is given a stipend to cover the cost of the supplies and after the art is complete, the horse is transported to be clear coated before installation. The funds raised from the classes of 2007 and 2017 were used to support local non-profits chosen by each respective class.

You can still purchase a horse through Leadership Wichita Falls by emailing

We look forward to seeing you at the unveiling Tuesday, January 11th at 5pm at Corlett Probst & Boyd.